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Ronald Reagan - Slayer of Communism

October 27, 1964 (from "The Speech")

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done. - Ronald Reagan

Thank God there was one man that could ride into town and save the day. Lord please send us another - UKnowIamRight

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Thomas Jefferson

On Interpreting the Constitution

"Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure." --Thomas Jefferson to William Johnson, 1823.

About this site. At UKR we mix parody, sarcasm with hard reality. Our Constitution, rights and liberty are in seriously jeopardy and are being eroded everyday. This is considered commentary and an attempt to make a point with some humor combined with hard news. If you cannot see the gap you are not well read and should consider it one hundred percent fiction.

Administrative bureaucrats, not elected officials, are spewing out 40,000 pages of rules and regulations annually. All governments have the Responsibility to control its borders, our government refuses to do so. We have three branches of government. The Congress is to make the laws, and the House side of Congress has the exclusive the power of the purse. The President is to carry out, not interpret, change or modify the law. Obama is not upholding the constitution, has has refused to carry out the laws and he changes law by executive order at will. What is that grounds for?

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This is the second part of a recent prediction, it is recommended that Rant Obama - Army, Airforce, Navy, Marine and T-ShirtBrigadeandPrediction # 4 (A) National Service - Going to BootCamp also be reviewed.

My eyes are beginning to close, there is a chill in the air like the dew in the early morn...

“One two three slide…One two three three slide….......aaaand STOP”. Glancing over her shoulder Gina noticed the 20 ft version of her athletic body on the stadium screen ……the pounding of the music came to an abrupt stop. She snapped back in a choreographed move, her fist punched the sky as she commanded...”No more Katrina!” 1000 cadets immediatly responded and punched the sky ”No more Katrina!” Her hand swept through the legion in an arch as if pointing to everyone..."Who are you?"... "We Are CHANGE""Who are you?"... "We Are CHANGE"..."DISSSSMISSED" Gina commanded.

Carol had 40 minutes to clean up, pickup a yogurt and bananna before getting on her bus.

Two weeks ago an earthan dam outside of Tandor, Texas (pop. 8800)had collapsed. Two people were killed, 200 homes destroyed, there is $100 million in damage.

She could have trained in many areas including: Clean Energy, Conservation, Government Education, Emergency Services, Social Services, Security, Healthcare, Government Benefits, Environmental Services and Vetern Services.. All those services were represented in Tandor. Carol was assigned to the Civil Benefit Corps and had just completed Phase 2 of her training, now she would put her new skills to work to assist the United States and her citizens.

Several cadets that Carol met at boot camp are here. What are they doing?

Security – on site are 200 security personnel in Tandon – Back in Deleware Jamal had been assigned to an elementary school where he is part of a ten person security force, each security officer also teaches government and physical education. All security guards carry a loaded side arm. They assist in area civic functions such as providing security and crowd control at local events, parades and high school football games. There are 98,000 Public Schools in the United States. In 18 months they will all have proper security.

National Emergency Service Corps (NESC)– 500 emergency response cadets have arrived. They assist FEMA in locating damage and distressed situations. They help clean streets, clean-up debris and provide physical assistance to the citizens. In addition 50 cadets have supplementaltraining in evaluating possible environmental hazards. They are led by Jerry, previously he worked for the Sierra Club. They work closely with FEMA and the EPA, who together have 30 personnel on site. With help from the NESC, FEMA has now determined that 350 homes were really destroyed, not the 200 in there preliminary survey. Property damage after NESC assistance has climbed to $250 million.

Just outside the flood zone the NESC cadets found seven potential serious environmental issues, the EPA confirmed five of these and immediately closed two businesses as a result of these findings. Due to congressional oversight NESC community evaluations are working on a trial basis. Community assessments outside of the direct emergency area can only be performed in emergency response situations and then only in a one mile limited area outside the danger area. This 12 month moratorium should automatically beliftedafter the trial period and the NESC may go nationwide regardless of an emergency status.

Civil Benefit Corps. - Carol is teamed up with Tahesha. They are with the150 CBC cadets now in Tandon. Tahesha flew in from New Mexico where she was whisked through security thanks to her biometric card. In St. Louis she is responsible for benefits to 2000 citizens. Her area includes part of a 1500 unit HUD complex where 30 NSC security cadets are on site 24X7. This unit also plans community playground activities and night basketball.

Carol and Tahesha have a detailed questionnaire that is complied for each family member. In St. Louis Tahesha had already found over 300 new benefit units. Citizens have benefits due them but either did not know about them or had not applied them. When she gets back to St. Louis she will follow up with those individuals to make sure they are getting the new benefits and continue methodically canvasing her community family. Eventually everyone in America will have someone like Tahesha helping them.

In Tandor the Civil Benefit Corps will assist FEMA regarding disaster benefits. Each citizen is identified and interviewed. They are to meet with all citizens within one mile of the damage sector.Both Carol and Tahesha have laptops, thequestionnaireis automatically uploaded to the national database for verification and action. Sometimes they receive immediate flags back. The 150 member team has 7 days to canvas and report on some 4500 people.

In addition to the 900 cadets on the ground there are 300in support (food, shelter, laundry) and another 150 in administration, press coordination, communications, medical and transportation. The communications corps is assisting the local radio stations.

Prior to the flood Tandor had 8 cadets assigned to the community. The majority in security roles. As the NCS has gained acceptance in Tandor during thisemergencythecontingent will be increased to 35.

Two hundred local high school students responded to the local call for volunteers, they are assisting in various rolls. They each have a special uniform and are taking manadatory classes one hour each day covering the NCS, volunteering and the governments responsibilities.

On going training is a part of the NCS cadet day. The security force is rotated thrugh the shooting range for side arm safety and target practice. The new LT44G rifle has arrived, the security force is given an introduction to this new weapon, it should be officially released nationwide in 90 days.

There are over 1700 trained NCS personnel in Tandor.

Government Testing: There will be two test states for the corps. The first criteria is that it have a sympathetic Governor, a democratic Governor that will not be concerned that the states rights are being usurped by the federal government. Each state should have either a low population or be geographically small; this will enable the "test" to appear fairly successful. On the east coast Delaware and Maryland may be targets, New Mexico has a very sympathetic Governor.

NOVEMBER 15, 2013


ObamaCare Navigators are part of this process.

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